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Specializing in family and civil law, and estate planning through wills and trusts.

Family Law

Divorce may very well be the most emotional and traumatic event in life’s experience. Regrettably, no one is immune statistically. It is paramount that professional legal advice, and perhaps representation, help individuals navigate the court system. At The Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker we can ably provide this assistance. Initial consultations are free of charge, and will help prepare the client for what lies ahead. The choice for representation is always yours. Our attorney and staff have a combined 35 years of experience with all things family law.

While the shock and dismay is new, individuals need to make objective and intelligent decisions regarding child/spousal support, and child custody/visitation plans. The Professionals at the Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker can tailor a plan that protects the client, their children, property distribution, and their finances going forward. Oftentimes, a quick result through mediation can be obtained with cooperating parties. Divorce results are long-term and need to be adequate, fair and equitable.

Let The Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker assist you with the outcome of your family law matter.

Civil Law

In the litigious environment we live in, nearly all of us have encountered lawsuits which can jeopardize our financial future. Civil litigation encompasses a wide range of legal matters. At The Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker we can help you negotiate the maze we call the legal system. Real Estate Matters, Breach of Contract Cases, Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, Neighborhood Disputes, Construction Defect Cases and nearly anything that requires court intervention.

There are occasions, where a particular matter is unique and specialized in fact and law. For your benefit, if the matter is not something we do, we have an exhaustive list of referrals to attorneys who can meet your specific need and circumstance.

Initial consultations are free of charge. You will be professionally advised and instructed, on your next and immediate legal requirements. All forms of litigation have very specific time lines for responses, answers, and other forms of timely responding. The consequences of missing the requirements can further exacerbate your expenses and jeopardize your likelihood of prevailing.

Call The Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker for professional legal advice.

Estate Planning

Amazingly, very few people plan ahead for the crises of life, i.e. death and more importantly, incapacity. A Trust allows the grantors of the Trust to provide for distribution of their estate without court intervention, which can be lengthy in time and expensive. Rather than distribution by choice, the court will make the determination for your assets.

More importantly, a grantor who becomes incapacitated for medical, injury, dementia or any reason, needs to have a Health Care Directive, (Power of Attorney), and a General Power of Attorney, for finances. This provides that the person or persons, of your choice can continue to pay bills including medical, convalescence and ordinary obligations during your incapacity.

This also encompasses directions for medical professionals as to the individuals life sustaining desires. Many people do not want extraordinary measures to sustain life such as resuscitation, ventilators and the like. Absent prior directions via a Health Care Directive, medical professionals will make that decision for you.

The Law Office of Jonathan T. Tasker can enable you to Protect Your Present and Direct Your Future. We can professionally assist, advise and structure a Trust that works for you.

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